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If you came here looking for BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society you have arrived instead at information relating to BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society and why some members have decided NOT to renew membership following several counts of sexual harassment towards female members.

There was (he has not rejoined) a member who found it funny to keep making sexual remarks to female members and his friend a trainer and committee member pretended that every complaint told to him was being relayed to the rest of the committee. After the first perverted member was denied membership this year we discovered that none of the other BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society committee emmbers knew about the troubles.

The treasurer was informed about what the now non-member and other committee member had been doing. How the now non-member had been telling a woman to remover her underwear so he could see her breasts better under her t-shirt, how she would make a great sex doll and how he wanted her to go down the beach with him so the sea spray could wet her t-shirt to better show her breasts. 
The committee member (and trainer) who allowed his friend to behave this way whilst pretending he was getting it sorted allowed the showing of extreme pornographic material during training meetings and himself participated in sexual harassment by wandering towards a female member, twisting his clenching hands and calling out "Boobies" as he focused on her breasts.

Oncve the treasurer was alerted and asked to notify the other committee members of thier [perverts in the club he turned osterich and buried his head hoping the problem would disappear. He never thought that the world would be advised that at BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society women will be at risk because, and I quote directly from the perverted committee member: "BSARS do not have any policies for stopping this sort of behaviour, so there is nothing that can be done".

Apparently BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society allows sexual harassment and nobody written to has any balls to sort out the disgusting people within the club. By doing nothing it appears that the committee agrees with women being seen as sexual objects and subjected to unwelcome attention from the perverts in it's ranks.

We value women higher than the committee members who know about the problems and who allow perverts to ruin the club. BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is no plce for a woman or even young ladies who also were subjected to sexual harassment by the non-member pervert whilst his mate allowed him to carry on.

BSARS, Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is likely to find a new name now that the sordid truth about it's committee member and his friend has come to light and when it does it will be recorded here for all to see so that never again can the old boys who sit on the committee hide thier heads in the sand and allow another of thier ranks to degrade women.